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Get Success in Careers with us..

Inspire "you" to become "a better version of you" is the key mission of ILMA.

Inspire Living Management Academy towards each and every Student, Ambassador, or individual who is associated with us.

The term success has afferent meaning for different people and so is the perception about the same. We define success in a simpler way by linking it with the constant, consistent, and continuous development in the abilities and capabilities of the person. This in return keeps us to keep moving forward and that's the key mantra which we inject in each and every student.

As we know that each and every individual is different from the other. We apply the approach of personal attention and coaching to every student based on his behavior and learning type. The students are constantly encouraged to analyze and identify their own unique potential and abilities.

Having a dedicated and personalized approach to students allows us to build the bridge among us and results in a better cohesion and open learning environment. Instead of being criticized and left alone, the students are encouraged to improve with the help of constant coaching and mentoring at a personal level.

Our first year's students have been successful in gaining work experience opportunities with international hotel brands in Dubai and we are proud to bring these international career opportunities and platforms for our students.

Our students have also been successful in gaining part-time employment opportunities with various Indian hotels and companies like Tata and Starbucks, India.

So, if you are seeking an educational institution that will continuously guide and steer you to become a successful professional and build a rewarding career, we are glad to have to with us


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