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College Tours & Learning Trips..

The more you SEE - the more you REMEMBER and the more you DO - the more you UNDERSTAND.

At ILMA - Inspire Living Management Academy, we believe in the total development of our students so that they can be transformed into real professionals by imparting essential knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits.

Therefore, it's of great importance for the students to see the real-life situation and examples of how various knowledge and skills are transferred into actual action.

The students are encouraged to participate in various outdoor learning activities for example educational trips, funfairs, hotel visits, mall visits, and many more knowledge-building workshops. The students are provided with platforms that can help them practice and perform their interpersonal skills and gain more confidence in public appearances and interactions.

We look forward to keeping organizing these engaging tours and activities with a focus point to enhance the qualities and capabilities of our students.

Last year we have done the following activities.

  • Hotel show around and Industry Familiarization Trip to Golden Blossom Lucknow.

  • Freshers Party to welcome and boost confidence.

  • Tour to QSR concepts - McDonald's trip.

  • Luxury Awareness Trip and Fun activities

  • Culinary Practice Trip to Hotel.

  • Service Practice Trip to Hotel.

  • Learning under the sky - Outdoor learning trip.

  • Advances bakery practice session with IBPA, New Delhi.

  • Industry and Guest Experience Visit to Jaypee Jaypee Siddhartha Hotel New Delhi.

  • Motivational Seminar Visit.

  • Defense Expo Visit

  • Experience & Exposure Visit to The Imperial Hotel in New Delhi.

  • Experience & Exposure Visit to The Shangri La Hotel New Delhi.

  • Experience & Exposure Visit to The Park Hotel New Delhi.

  • Industry Exposure and Work Experience during Christmas and New Year Celebrations.


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